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Updated: Sep 9, 2021

The aim of this project was to revive the Indian craft of Godhari quilting through storytelling , thus sparking an interest in the kids (aged 5-9) of the RKSS institution.

Besides the umpteen exercises and activities, the process can essentially be broken down to 3 steps:

• Creation of the story

• Illustrating the story

• Quilting the illustration


Godhari quilting is the process of piecing together bits of cloth (mostly waste), to form a beautiful patchwork. In order to achieve that language, I broke down the illustration to rectangular pieces as commonly seen in a godhari. After conversing with and studying, the artists, I was made to understand the shapes that easier to quilt and tried to stick to those shapes.

The Green Story

Once upon a time there was a village name *HARIana . The beauty and the peace of the green surroundings pulled a number of people ,from far and wide, to visit it . Tourists would come and have picnics amidst these surroundings . Hariana had a beautifully clear sea, big houses and lots of green trees . These flowers, fruits and trees became the pride and joy of the place . One day , A car came down the winding streets of Hariana . It travelled along the road, the big houses and the sea . They were looking for a picnic spot, but seeing the fishes and fruits they decided to buy a house and stay there forever . They spotted a mango tree and built their house under the big growing tree . They lived their lives eating fresh fruit , and enjoying the breeze . This is how Hariana brought peace to families .

- Written by the 6-11 year old children at the RKSS foundation.

*Hari = Green (in Hindi)

Take a look at the stunning quilt that resulted from that story!

Like the green story, there was a Blue, Yellow and Red story as well.

Client : Thotpot Design Pvt.Ltd

Year : 2018-19

Medium : Watercolours and pens

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